Somewhere New - Digital Copy

Somewhere New - Digital Copy


A digital copy of our debut album, Somewhere New! 

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"Somewhere New" is the product of over a year of writing and recording.  We began recording the album, starting with "Horizon Fire," back in November of 2013.  As we grew as a band, so did our dedication to the recording process.

Thirteen of the fourteen songs on the album were recorded in our bedrooms here in central New Jersey.  "Garden" was recorded in Rutherford, NJ, where all mixing and mastering was done by Ralph Nicastro of the band Boxed Wine.  We received great input on track order from Chris Nova, of Boxed Wine, and Pete Stern of Centennials.  

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Track List:

1. Horizon Fire (6:36)

2. Fellow in the North (5:19)

3. Steer (4:31)

4. Inside Your Eyes (4:43)

5. Someone Else (5:26)

6. Hey Bodham Dae/What Do I Do (7:10)

7. Garden (5:49)

8. Unlocked (3:45)

9. Jasmine (3:23)

10. Tumbling (5:27)

11. Recollection (4:03)

12. Fall Low (4:54)

13. Seafarer (6:25)