Fellow in the North Tee - Hand Printed

Fellow in the North Tee - Hand Printed


INTERNATIONAL FRIENDS:  We hate that shipping fees are so costly, but unfortunately, we are powerless to change them.  We will do our best to make it worth your while by including a small gift with each order! 

The Fellow in the North is one of our first designs.  Is he angry?  Is he scared?  Is he hopeful, or defeated?  Based off of a 150 year old etching, the character in this design encapsulates the range of emotions in our first album, and even carries into the next. 

Each garment is hand-printed by Brian on American Apparel's 50-50 shirts (50% combed cotton, 50% Polyester).  The fabric is soft and light, which makes it perfect for warmer weather!  The design was inspired by an etching in one of Brian's antique poetry books, and the character in the picture has become our "Fellow in the North".  The design was edited, digitalized, and burnt onto a printing screen by Brian.  Make sure to wash them inside out to protect the design!  

Because we print these shirts in short runs by hand, inventory is likely to sell out frequently. We will do our best to keep them up for sale!  In the event that they sell out, you can join our mailing list to be notified when they're back in stock!  

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