Lost again, my foreign friend, cast to the call unknown

Back to traveling gravel roads, forcing myself to roam


I know, you told me not to fall

I know, you needed me to stall

But maybe I’ll never be lonely when you’re not around


Just another little scar, how it all looks the same, mending my mind again

Building up another wall where the last five gave way, hiding behind my pain

And all these tender memories will be burned deep in my brain, fixing themselves, ingrained

I woke clear when you spoke, dear, at the parting of the ways, words giving way to rain


I know, I’ve been here times before

I know, I’ve had this all in store

But maybe my longing will lead me to where I be(long)

(Long) from end as time will bend, pulling me back to dwell

Forced to reckon with my shade, judging me where I fell


I know, I needed this to fall

I know, I pushed this way too far


I know, gold eyes aren’t meant to hold

I know, so much is left untold


Here again my faded friend, fixed on a faulty past

Left to wonder what would be, loving what couldn’t last