Introducing The Cold Weather Collective


Steve here, seven months since my last blog post, to invite you to, the reader, to The Cold Weather Collective!

For my own convenience, below is exactly what I wrote for our Facebook post about this very group!

Over the years, we've made so many talented friends with all types of artistic backgrounds. We always love to collaborate and since the beginning of CWC, we've talked about this idea of the 'Cold Weather Collective' as an opportunity to find ways to showcase those collaborations and focus on other artists who we feel deserve more attention.

We really want this to be a place for anyone to share what they're working on, or listening to, as well as a place to have conversations or ask anything you'd like to know about CWC.

We'll post some more behind-the-scenes content here and there and also ask for suggestions of what you'd like to see more of. Over time we'll be rolling out special Cold Weather Collective projects, so stay tuned!

That said, don’t fret if you’re not on Facebook, you can still join the Collective by reaching out via email ( and/or joining our Newsletter. Also, if you’re a Discord user, we have a channel now that has a Collective component as well!

That’s my update for now, we look forward to hearing from you! - Steve 🍀

P.S. Here’s what I’ve been listening to this week.

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