Our 'Find Light' Pledgemusic Campaign is Live!

It took forever, but our Pledgemusic campaign for our third album, Find Light is finally live! To everyone who has already pre-ordered the album or anything else from the campaign, we can’t thank you enough. We’ve never been more proud of an album (no offense, Somewhere New and A Folded Letter), and with your help, we’re hoping to be able to make some major moves that would allow us to tour farther and more frequently.

If you haven’t had a chance to check the campaign out yet, you can find it here, or through pretty much any other link on our website right now—we’re trying to make it as easy as possible to come across. Find Light gave us our first real experience when it comes to “properly” recording, promoting, and releasing an album, and as we’ve been saying a lot lately, as an independent band, everything starts to add up very quickly. Each pre-order will bring us one step closer to our goal, and while I can keep rephrasing it again and again, it all boils down to one simple message: we need your help to share this music with the world.

Upon visiting our Pledgemusic campaign (there’s that link again—I told you, it’s everywhere right now), you’ll be excited to see that we’re finally offering vinyl, beanies, hoodies, cassettes, posters, and a bunch of other fun little crafts and experiences we’ve never had before. Steve could bake you cookies, Jeff could play you in FIFA ‘18, and I can send you your very own rock from the woods! Need some better lighting for your room? I’ll make you a custom wine bottle lamp! We tried to add something for everyone, and there’s a good chance we’ll throw some more items up there as the release date approaches, so make sure to check back every now and then.

We’d like give a special thanks to those who have pledged to have their name in the liner notes of the Find Light physical CDs so far: Johnny Hofer, Alan Maher, and Joachim Höper (Joachim, tell Anneke we said hello!). If you’d like to have your name along with theirs, that offer will be available until December 15th (after that, we’ll have to finalize the album art for production).

If pre-ordering isn’t a possibility for you right now, we completely understand—the fact that you’re taking the time to read this and listen to our music is already a blessing we can’t thank you enough for. If you’d like to help without pre-ordering, as I said in the last post, the most amazing thing you could do is share our music with friends, family, and anyone you think may like it (heck, you could share it with people who won’t like it too—no harm in that). The more people listen to our music, the better our chances to take Cold Weather Company somewhere new (ooooh—how self-referential).

That’s all for now I think! Again, thank you so much for checking out the new site, reading this big ol’ post, and as always, for supporting our music. Also, if you haven’t heard yet, you can pre-order our new album, Find Light on Pledgemusic (there is no escape from that link)!

All the best,

Brian, Jeff and Steve

Cold Weather Company

If hyperlinks aren’t enough, there’s the link spelled out for you! Like I said, there’s no escape!

If hyperlinks aren’t enough, there’s the link spelled out for you! Like I said, there’s no escape!

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