New Website, New Album, New News, All the New Stuff

Well this is exciting! A whole new album, website, pre-order campaign—what a time to be alive! I really wasn’t sure what I was doing with this site when I started the re-design, but I think it all came together pretty well. I guess it makes sense to give a sort of overall update on where we are:

  1. We have a new album, called Find Light coming your way on January 25th, 2019! It’s a long wait, we know, but we promise it’ll be worth it (and there will be another single coming soon, so not all is lost). There are sixteen songs on the album, and you’ll hear a lot of our friends, new and old, filling out the sound with far more instrumentation than we’ve had in the past!

  2. We’re running a campaign on as we speak to help with the production costs of the album. If you’re at all interested in checking that out, it would mean the world to us. As an independent band, costs start to add up, and each pre-order will help lighten the load as we close in on the release date. Plus, we put some fun stuff on that site, including, for the first time, VINYL, as well as baked cookies, forest-found rocks, cd packages, house shows, Skype shows—we’re going all-out!

  3. We’re trying to get a list going of places we need to tour through—if you’d like us to play near you, let us know where to look! You can reach out however you want—comment on this post, email us, message us on social media—you name it, we’ll listen. If we can make a date work, the most incredible thing you could do to make the show great would be to share our music with friends and family nearby.

  4. Piggybacking off that last point, one of the greatest things you could do to help us tour more frequently and widely is to share our music. If you frequent a particular music venue, maybe mention our name to a promoter. If you have a connection with a local radio station, ask for your favorite song of ours to get some airtime. Admittedly, it feels very strange asking anything of you—just knowing you’re reading this long-winded blog post blows my mind. I guess the main point is, the more people listen to our music, the better our chances are to hit the road on tour (that’s some pretty obvious supply/demand stuff right there).

I guess that sums up where we are in a general sense! We’re hoping to have much more content coming with more frequency as we gear up for the album release, including videos (which we’ve been sparser than we’d like with in the past), so stay tuned. Overall, we can’t thank you enough for being here, for listening to our music, and for taking the time to read this ramble. We couldn’t do this without you—this album is for you.

—Brian, Jeff, and Steve

Cold Weather Company